Sustainable Advantage

admin | 22 May 2022

Every business, regardless of size, has a responsibility to minimizing the impact it makes on the planet. For the Hexcite and its subsidiaries it is vital we embrace change to how we approach our work and help our customers to improve their sustainability too.

In recent years, companies within Hexcite have worked hard to identify new ways to reduce waste and improve recycling. From upgrading lights to LED technology, using recycled aluminium in signage production, and introduction of non-PVC materials and ‘green’ ink for printing, we are continuing to make a real difference to increasing signage sustainability.

Now we can report that, after a thorough audit by Sustainable Advantage, all operations within Hexcite have been certified to have improved their sustainability and are working to achieve even more results in increasing the recyclable percentage within signage and reduce waste within the business processes being utilised.

The Sustainable Advantage certification logo will be appearing across our website as well as within documentation and responses for tenders and RFI competitions. We’re delighted to have reached this milestone in our efforts to lead the industry in sustainability, and hope to make even greater strides in the coming months.