Hexcite Holdings Ltd comprises Concept Signs, Blaze Signs and Cygnia Maintenance. Hexcite  is committed to responsible investment, and has a robust Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) policy in place to ensure that its approach to ESG is appropriately applied and, where necessary, tailored to each company within the Group.

Hexcite regularly reviews its ESG policies and related initiatives to ensure they remain relevant and ambitious.

The policy will, necessarily, be implemented in different ways and to different degrees within the various companies. However, the aim is to continuously improve wherever possible.

This policy was prepared to ensure that Hexcite maximises opportunities and positive impacts on the communities within which our companies are located, whilst minimising any adverse effects of our processes. The document outlines the overarching standards that Hexcite adheres to in relation to ESG issues. It provides all Hexcite staff with ESG-related guidelines and principles to follow in their respective roles. In addition, the policy describes our commitment to maximising the benefits to our key stakeholders, including investors, employees, and suppliers.